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How to Get Magazines for Free. Your Guide to Free Magazine Subscriptions.

Interested in receiving free magazine subscriptions in your mailbox every month and didn’t think it was possible? Magazine subscriptions may be expensive, however, they do not have to be as there are a couple methods that will reap you no cost subscriptions. Several companies hand out free magazine subscriptions but, there are a few things you need to know about the signup process prior to enrollment.


#1 Trading Information

Several companies offer free magazine subscriptions in exchange for personal information, opinions, and/or survey completion. This method is the most popular way to score a free magazine subscription. The four companies mentioned below each work a little differently. Thus, make sure to always read the fine print prior to signing up.

  • Mercury Magazines

It is extremely easy to earn a free magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines. All one needs to do is follow their simple set of instructions that immediately pops up when visiting the site. Mercury Magazines currently offers magazine subscriptions to Marie Claire, Redbook, Town & Country, Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Veranda, and Car & Driver etc.

Step 1: Give Mercury Magazines a small amount of personal information in order for them to determine which publications will be right for them to offer you.

Step 2: Select three magazines you would like from the offered publications.

Step 3: Complete a subscription form for each magazine you have chosen.

Once you have finished filling out each subscription form you will be asked to fill out a series of survey like questions. You will have to answer these questions in order to qualify for the free magazine subscriptions and be directed to the final page. You will also need to verify your address so that the magazines may be sent by mail to your home. During the survey you may witness additional pop ups to buy or sign up for other products/services. Understand that you are under no obligation to participate in these additional offers to receive your free subscriptions. Be careful not to unintentionally sign up for any of these extras! Do not give out your credit card information to any of the additional screeners. Plus, you will not need to give your credit card information to Mercury Magazines as it is not needed to receive your free subscriptions! Free means free.

  • Rewards Gold

Rewards Gold is a survey site that rewards its participants on a point based system. Members earn points from every survey they complete. Points are also awarded for registering with partners, referring friends, and purchasing products or services from affiliate companies. There are several different rewards that can be earned with your points and one of them happens to be a free magazine subscription. Rewards Gold currently offers publications from Variety, People, Essence, Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, and Golf Week. Be aware that the points you earn will expire one year from the month in which they were enarned. So just be sure to pick your rewards quickly!

  • ValueMags

ValueMags offers free magazine subscriptions as well as purchasable ones. In order to receive a free magazine subscription from Valuemags you will need to take advantage of a sign up offer, like becoming a member of an affiliate survey company. Keep in mind that ValueMags will never ask you for any money, so do not ever, under any circumstances, give out your credit card number. ValueMags’ partners pay for the magazine subscriptions provided as a part of their partnership agreement which means you will never have to pay any money. Currently, ValueMags offers Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Bridal Guide, Marie Claire, and Bridal Guide free of cost!

  • Freebizmag

Freebizmag is recognized for offering free magazine subscriptions to several businesses. Utilizing their services is a great way to brush up on publications regarding your industry or niche of business. However, in order to receive free subscriptions from Freebizmag you will need to meet a few qualifications determined by the publisher of each magazine. Presently, Freebizmag is offering the following publications: Health Management Technology, Non-Profit Pro, Human Resource Executive, Beverage Industry, and many more. In addition to free magazine subscriptions, this site offers free eBooks and user guides. Become a free member of Freebizmag and receive monthly offers including giveaways, sweepstakes, and special deals straight to your email’s inbox.


#2 Direct Contact

Directly contacting magazine companies for a free trial subscription is not out of the question. Several companies are happy to hand out subscriptions as a way of getting customers to try on their reading content in hopes you will become hooked. Other companies, quite frankly, give out magazine subscriptions for goods and services promotion. Below you will find two companies who offer free magazine subscriptions.

  • Buffalo Brides

Buffalo Brides, despite the name, is a great resource for everything and anything regarding weddings. Their site is full of information concerning wedding planning, vendor hiring, and announcement publication. Plus, just for signing up to their site they will offer you a free magazine subscription as well as a free wedding planner. You will have to provide a little info about yourself and your upcoming date in order to receive the freebies but it is well worth it.

  • Parenting Magazine Websites

It is fairly common for baby and parenting magazines to give away free subscriptions to expectanting parents. Keep in mind that the timing of these offers differ and you will have to check back with the individual magazine sites to find out when their current or next give away will take place. The following baby and parent magazines have been known to offer free subscriptions: American Baby, Pregnancy Magazine, Parents Magazine, and Family Fun Mag. Not to mention, certain baby registries will include a free magazine subscription to either baby, parenting, or pregnancy magazine as a welcome gift upon sign up. Make sure to check each registry individually to find out more details.


#3 Freebie Websites

Freebie websites are an invaluable source of discovering free offers like magazine subscriptions and much more. Below you will find a few popular freebie sites to check out where you can score a free magazine subscription among other goodies.

  • Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is a revolving door for giveaways including free magazine subscriptions, beauty products, kids toys, pet toys and health items. They also frequently hold contests and sweepstakes! This freebie website is pretty well known, plus they update their site daily.

  • Free Stuff

Free Stuff is a great site for directing you to free magazine subscriptions! Plus, they offer hundreds of links to other free goodies like ebooks, gift cards, and food samples. Similar to Free Stuff Times, the Free Stuff website also hosts sweepstake opportunities.

  • Go Freebies

Go Freebies left sidebar is filled to the brim with the sites current free offerings! Not only does Go Freebies giveaway free magazine subscriptions, they also supply free kids supplies, beauty products, food recipes, and pet goodies. Make sure to sign up for their free daily newsletter! The newsletter grants you access to early notice of coming freebies and automatically enters you to win an Amazon gift card.

  • Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff is a very well organized freebie site offering free magazine subscriptions among other goodies along the sites left sidebar. You will find dozens of categories worth of free goodies plus monthly contests. Sign up to their mailing list to receive notice of the next monthly contest and giveaway items. Just Free Stuff is one of the only freebie websites that hands out premium household items!

  • Mr.Free Stuff

Mr.Free Stuff hosts several freebie categories but conveniently has one section solely dedicated to magazines and books. Mr.Free Stuff additionally shares opportunities to enter contests and sweepstakes across several other platforms. Mr.Free Stuff will also give you extra, free goodies during your birthday month!

  • I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is a website offering free magazines along the dropdown sidebar on their home page. All you need to do is click the menu icon located on the top navigation bar and wolah, you will be shown tons of freebie opportunities. Utilize their search bar to head straight to their current subscription offers.

  • Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff offers its visitors free information on how to score no-cost magazine subscriptions. This site is organized extremely well making it super easy to find their present freebie offerings. Sweet Free Stuff shares information on how to receive free publications, health & beauty products, baby items, pet goods, gift cards, and much more.

  • I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies is a well organized site with a category solely dedicated to free magazine subscriptions. In addition to free magazine subscriptions, I Crave Freebies also gives away free clothing, free DVDs, free gift cards, free movie tickets, and much, much more. I Crave Freebies is a great place to five hundreds of free offers on everything home, entertainment, and family based.

Best Places to Fly a Kite in Southern California

Kite flying can give you wings that are easy to make and don’t cost much. California is a wonderful state for this activity as it stays windy by ocean for the majority of the year. Spring or fall – let’s head out the door and let our kites soar!

Kite flying is celebrated all over the world by old and young as it invites you for fun and offers some challenges to overcome. When heading out for a day of kiting always remember three C’s of kite flying – Caution, Courtesy, and Common Sense. If you choose to fly your kite in a park, beach or playground, mind other people and don’t send your winged beauties crashing nose down into their picnic tables or barbeques. Watch out for kids and trees with birds’ nests. Avoid roads not to distract drivers and electric wires. Choose a place with lots of space and enjoy.

April is a National Kite Month, so this time of the year you can enjoy this activity on your own or join events and festivals dedicated to kites. Otis Kite Festival in Santa Monica happens every year in April and attracts hundreds of observers, artists, and people like you who love this wholesome family fun. You can watch others or join in with your kite. There are quite a few other festivals that we will mention at the end.

California is gifted with not only great weather, but with wide stretches of beaches, so you can fly your kite without worrying about it getting stuck in somebody’s rain gutter or worse. There are plenty of parks all around Los Angeles area, so grab the string and come outside – we will show you where to go:



Ascot Hills Park (Los Angeles)

The park boasts 90 acres of rolling hills, grassy fields, and open stretches of shrubs, so you can definitely find a good spot for kiting. Not only that – wild flowers, city, and Hollywood Hills views offer a great background for the ultimate pictures. It’s no wonder why this park hosts annual kite festival.

Burton W. Chase Park (Marina del Ray)

Little green hills and trees (for your enjoyment when the kite is on the grass) are very inviting. Marina views and light breeze assure you will have a good time. Besides kiting, you can run around, have a picnic, and have a well-rounded day outdoors.

El Segundo Recreation Park (El Segundo)

Some of the best words to describe this park are – open, grassy, and spacious. All you need is a kite in hand and shoes on feet.

Fairview Park (Costa Mesa)

This park is highly rated by kite professionals, so it says something. You will definitely have plenty of space, views, flowers, and water features. Other than that the park is popular among model glider airplane flying enthusiasts. They have organized events in the central part of the park and are amazing to watch. Picnicking is popular in the park, so bring your own food or order something there.

Granada Park (Alhambra)

This park is huge and open, according to park visitors. Kite lovers don’t need to hear much more to like it.

Korean Bell of Friendship (San Pedro)

This is probably the most popular park for kite flying activities. It is complete with large grassy areas, open space, bluffs, perfect breeze, and stunning views of Catalina Island and LA Harbor. Before, after, or in the middle of flying you can visit the 17-ton, 12-foot high copper and tin bell, a gift from Republic of Korea people to honor the veterans of the Korean War and the friendship between our countries. The park is perfect for picnics as well.

Silver Lake Meadow (Los Angeles)

The park is not huge, but sometimes you don’t need huge. It borders the Silver Lake Reservoir and offers perfect kite flying conditions. Another bonus – no dogs allowed, so you know you will not step in any surprise. Constant breeze and open space will not disappoint you!

If you want to pick up this hobby, but don’t have a kite yet, don’t worry – these stores have more than enough great options:



Harbor Wind and Kite (Ventura)

They are all about the wind, fun, and freedom – something all of us can relate to, so head there, pick a great kite, go right outside to a nearby beach in Ventura Harbor, and enjoy that wind, fun, and freedom right away.

Kite Connection (on the Huntington Beach Pier)

Kite Connection has them all – single line, dual-, triple-, and even quad- line kites. The people who work there love what they do and will treat you with courtesy, friendliness, and knowledge. The store has an online shop as well.

Sunshine Kite Company (Redondo Beach)

The store is located on the pier and sells not just various kites, but yo-yos and diabolos as well. You can buy a kite and ask for tips how to fly it – you will definitely get a lesson from people who are passionate about what they sell. The store even hosts a kite festival in March.



Otis Kite Festival (North of Santa Monica Pier)

April 8th

Sky full of kites is what festival organizers are aiming for. Kite builders and aficionados fill that sky with kites big and small, elaborate and simple, stunning and inspiring. Some participants are from the nearby Otis College of Art and Design. You can also bring and fly your kite and join in the fun. If it’s not for you, then you can watch while sunbathing or braving the waves.

Kite Flying Festival (Ascot Hills Park)

Usually on Earth Day

You should bring your kite, a blanket, and picnic supplies for a day and join in on the high flying fun together with other kite lovers. Hills and fields fill up with colorful kites and their handlers having fun and competing for prizes. If it happens to rain – the festival is held the following weekend.

Japan America Kite Festival (Seal Beach)

3rd week of October

This festival is one of the largest in the area and is organized by Japan America Society of Southern California and the Up Up and Away Kite Club. Don’t miss this kite extravaganza, where you can observe kite teams, sport kite displays, and get chances to build your own kites. You will also be delighted by Taiko Drummers and wonderful displays by kite master Mr. Mikio Toki, which is definitely not to be missed!

Festival of the Kite (Redondo Beach Pier)

Early March

The festival has been happening here for more than 40 years and is open to everyone. Sunshine Kite Company is behind this spectacle that includes hand-made, sports, and stunt kites. There are prizes and there is food. In fact, if you get hungry watching the kites, you can participate in the Hot Dog on a Stick eating contest. Yummmm!

Stores that have Best Coupons

A coupon can save a lot of money, we all know that. But not all of us take time to find one and to benefit from it. We often think that it will take too much time and savings received won’t make it worth our effort at the end. This is why we did some research to find retailers that offer plenty of great coupons all the time, so you won’t have an excuse not to look for one anymore.

It is always questionable if you will be able to find a really good valid coupon after your long search, but some stores have higher odds than others. Some retailers release new coupons regularly, so you are very likely to find a good one and cash in.

Let’s take a look at stores that have the largest and the best supply of coupons at all times. These retailers have coupons that apply to broad categories and not just individual items, for example, the entire clothing department versus a pair of jeans. Knowing that the codes are frequent and wide, you will know to find them before making your purchase.

  1. Snapfish

You should never print your pictures without checking for coupons, which usually are plentiful. Codes are specific and category based, but there are so many of them, that you will definitely find something that will apply to you. Site-wide discounts, like 50% off your purchase are also common. Free shipping is usually applicable for all orders.

  1. RazorGator

The next time you are planning an outing to a concert, a game, or a show, pull a group of friends together and get some significant discounts here. The minimum purchase amount is usually $150, but discounts will rise as the amount rises.

  1. Sears

Sears is known for coupons, both site-wide and for smaller categories. $5 off $50 and $35 off $300 are always available, but make sure to check category-specific coupons because they often offer higher discounts. The minimum purchase is usually lower with the latter and applies to tools, fitness equipment, and household items.

  1. JCPenney

The store did not have coupons for a long time, but is now stepping into the game. You can now get coupons almost all the time. They usually offer 15% off, but 20% or 25% off deals are often available on larger buys and categories.

  1. Walgreens

The store supplies lots of coupons for its photo services, especially when it comes to store pick-up of your latest photography project. You might occasionally find a coupon that works site-wide or for specific items, like contact lenses or supplements.

  1. Victoria’s Secret

You will be able to find coupons for Victoria’s Secret on intimates, beauty, and more all the time. The good news – you can stack 3 of them at a time. The retailer has coupons for wide usage or category-specific. The most popular coupons are for free shipping, free gift with purchase, free panties with minimum order, free rewards card, and discounts like $15 off $100, $30 off $150, and $75 off $250.

  1. Cafepress

This store is quite generous with their coupons and offers 20-40% off on an ongoing basis. Apparel and some other categories often receive coupons too.

  1. Bath & Body Works

There is no reason to pay sticker price for all your beauty and fragrance needs when you can get general 20% off all the time. You can also get $10 off $30, a free gift, $1 shipping, and other discounts more often than not. You are not allowed to stack coupons, but you definitely can use one with various in-store promotions.

  1. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is known for the discounts and coupon codes, so you should never buy without using them. You will always get 15% of your purchase here. 20% off $100 is also usually available. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend a $100 – no minimum is often offered. Coupon codes for specific categories are also very popular at the store and online. You are allowed to stack coupons at Kohl’s, co calculate carefully and use store-wide discounts together with category-specific ones.

  1. Macy’s

A few times per month you can find coupons that will take 10% to 20% off your order with no minimum purchase required. In addition to that, the store often has coupons for some categories, like kitchen, bed, bath, shoes or apparel.

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue

This upscale retailer does not shy away from coupons, but requires higher minimum thresholds. You can get free shipping with no minimum and can stack up to 5 coupons per purchase, so that definitely improves things. You can often get free gifts with purchase and free gift cards. Category discounts become available from time to time.

  1. Kmart

Just like sister company Sears, Kmart is known to be very coupon-friendly. $5 off $45, 10% off $75, and $10 off $100 are very common. Discounts for categories are also very likely. Check for coupons when shopping for shoes, appliances, and toys.


All of those retailers above offer generic coupons that often cover wide selection of merchandise. Some stores work a bit differently and release coupons for specific items. This is very common with electronics. If you are not in a rush and care about the best price only, take your time and find a great discount on, let’s say, a hard drive and buy only when you have the best deal secured. The best way to keep track of that is to sign up for their newsletters.

Mission San Juan Capistrano – Fun Family Trip in Southern California.

Free Admission to Mission San Juan CapistranoTaking time out from your routine once in a while and taking a family day trip somewhere is an amazing bonding and educational opportunity. California has so much of such nearby places to offer, so take advantage of it and travel with your partner and with your little ones, discover new things, and make some precious memories.

Mission San Juan Capistrano is a great place to spend a family day – beautiful, historic, educational, and relaxing. You can marvel at stunning authentic Spanish architecture all over the city of San Juan Capistrano. The mission definitely was a big influence on surrounding area’s culture and religion.

You should not experience any problems with your car, because unlike many places in California, Mission has plenty of free parking spaces all around, making it very convenient for the guests. The best lots are just South and North of Ortega Highway and El Camino Real.

The total of nine missions was founded in 1776 by Saint Junipero Serra. This Mission is the seventh of them. California has 21 missions overall. Just like all other missions, it was established to spread the Catholic faith among new settlers.

It is interesting to know that the Serra Chapel is the only California chapel that remains intact where Saint Serra held Mass. This is of great significance to the religious community. It is the reason why the church is visited by millions each year. The Mass service at the main Basilica is usually busy, so try finding out times and information ahead of time and plan around it if you want to participate.

Mission visits are a great opportunity to experience some hands-on learning about the culture and the past. Children’s audio tour is amazing. Kids will enjoy listening and seeing everything at the same time. The map is also provided, so you will know where you are and what numbers to choose on your device. The tour resembles a scavenger hunt and what kid doesn’t love those? The story on the audio is kid-friendly, so very easy to keep up and understand.

The mission museum offers many activities for kids. Some of them might take some time, but they all together fit in a day’s time, so definitely worth trying. If you like to plan your day very precisely, you can check the times for each activity on the website and figure out your schedule. A few activities are not available every day, so make sure you look at their calendar. Here is a list of 10 activities for the whole family to enjoy:

  • Take the audio tour
  • Explore the Mission Clubhouse
  • Observe butterflies and koi pond fish
  • Visit the living quarters of Padres and soldiers
  • Learn about Acjachemen Indian basket making techniques
  • Visit the demonstration gardens and curiosity carts
  • Do gold panning, make Adobe bricks or craft your own necklace from arrowheads
  • Check out summer camps for kids
  • If you are a scout, get a badge
  • Listen about Adobe house and stroll doll making

The Mission hosts many activities for kids throughout the year. They also have very exciting summer camp opportunities, like Adventure Sleepover or Ceramics Camp. During the Sleepover Camp families come with their sleeping bags and spend an adventurous night in the historic facility. What an awesome family fun is that!

The Mission holds a key to the history of faith and culture of early settlers. It is famous for world renowned swallows. San Juan Capistrano Mission was built on and for faith and to this day serves the purpose and is an active place of worship. It is wonderful for learning and even better for those family bonding times. Photography is allowed and encouraged, so take pictures of the beautiful grounds, gardens, architecture, and most importantly, you and your loved ones.

The swallows come back to the Mission every year, so the town of San Juan Capistrano holds an event to celebrate their return on March 19th, the day of Saint Joseph. The famous birds spend their summer and raise their young here, and then leave for Argentina in October. The birds have done this migration for hundreds of years and are very significant faithful travelers and residents of the most famous Mission in California.

The Mission is sometimes called the “Jewel of Missions” and will not disappoint you. The visit here might ignite a life-long passion for history and culture in your kids, so bring them here, and bring them often if you have a chance.

Mission San Juan Capistrano Free for Residents

The Mission is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day, except major holidays.

The fee for adults is $9, kids over 3 – $6. This price includes audio tours.

Please use this coupon for your next trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano has a Resident Appreciation Day
Every Wednesday San Juan Capistrano residents can visit Mission San Juan Capistrano for free, I.D is required
You also get a free admission to Mission San Juan Capistrano when a $10 purchase is made in the Mission Store.

Address: 26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

For more free admissions to museums and attractions please see Free Admissions to Museums

Free Stuff for Teachers

Free Stuff for Teachers Dairy Council’s Tools for Schools offers nutritional exploration to help teachers with activities, provides forum for idea exchange, and more in Journey into Nutrition Education. This catalog is full of classroom videos, handouts, and more. You can’t order online, but can request print copies of catalog from the Council.

USA Pears can provide school food service and answer questions about the way fruit grow, ripen, and get into your homes. Teachers can get pear Educator Kit by writing to the company. The website has Just for Kids area where you can find activities, stories, and recipes for young kids.

Federal Reserve Comics can answer any and all questions about money. Coins, inflation, savings are useful to know things in life, and it’s never too early to talk about it in light and fun way. Up to 35 free copies can be ordered online.

George Washington: A National Treasure has teacher’s guides, a poster, and supplemental material for lessons about the man.

If you are ready to teach kids about tolerance, subscribe to a newsletter and get kits about musical activism, Rosa Parks, peaceful classrooms, civil rights, intolerance, and injustice from

You can order free markers that can write on top of each other from Crayola OverWriters.

Cartoon Network offers Animate Your World: Shaping Character program to help teachers incorporate character based teaching. It encourages students to respect self, respect others, and be responsible for the community. The guide and CD have lesson plans, rubrics, and teaching masters.

Other Sources and Materials:

  • Ocean Surface Topography from Space (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • The Chocolate Dream Machine.
  • Service Band CD’s for free recording of school band’s music.
  • for food safety and environment.
  • Natural Gas Free Materials about energy.
  • Women are Scientists about women in biomedical fields.
  • Earth/Mars Comparison Poster from NASA.
  • National Wildlife Week Poster from the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Science Education Posters from the Wright Center.