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25 PetSmart Shopping Hacks

#25 Become a PetPerks Member

PetPerks members get access to special sales, coupons, and unique promotions offered by PetSmart. Luckily, this loyalty program is free to sign up for and there are no points to be earned as you are automatically granted early access to all PetSmart deals. Random partner coupons will be offered through Pet Perks as well.


#24 Utilize the PetSmart App

Make sure to download the PetSmart App to receive anywhere between $5 – $25 dollars off purchases when you play the Treat Trail Game. You are allowed to earn up to three personalized coupons per month through the game. The PetSmart application will also send you push notifications for current sales and coupons available storewide. It is important to specify what type of pet you own so that your offers match your particular pets needs.


#23 PetSmart Price Match

PetSmart price matches with its competitors on regular priced products. This hack helps you avoid making multiple trips to several different pet stores. Plus, the PetSmart website price matches as well. Thus, one should be constantly double checking for lower prices as they shop. Keep in mind that PetSmart does not price match for clearance, liquidation, or BOGO items offered through other competitors.


#22 Remember No PetSmart Price Adjustments

Pay attention to the price of the items you purchase as PetSmart does not have a price adjustment policy. Not having a price adjustment policy means that PetSmart will not refund the difference of an item you recently purchased if it goes on sale a few days later. Yikes!


#21 Skip on Price Tags Ending in 9

Full priced items always end with a 9, so it is best to skip out on them altogether. However, if you absolutely have to pay full price, make sure to utilize a PetPerks coupon.


#20 Look for Price Tags Ending in 7

Price tags ending in 7 are the lowest posted price tags you will ever see at PetSmart. These highly discounted items are pretty easy to spot as they are typically marked with a big red tag, but the true tale-tail sign of a sale is the number 7. The best deals will be located in PetSmarts clearance bins.


#19 Utilize PetSmarts Autoship Program

The PetSmarts autoship program grants you 5-20% off each purchase as well as free shipping on all orders. Sign up online today!


#18 Double Check Clearance Shelves

PetSmarts clearance shelves are filled with heavily discounted damaged goods, including items that only have messed-up packaging. Some of the items are discounted up to 75% off! Score a major deal by scoping out Petsmarts clearance section.


#17 Shop the Holiday Doorbusters

PetSmart is widely known for aggressive markdowns and special promotional events around the holiday season. Do not miss out on big shopping days such as Black Friday where PetSmart offers killer discounts like 50% off all treats and toys.


#16 Top Deals are Offered In-Store

Shopping in-store is the best way to reap a significant discount from PetSmart. In-store they will accept most physical coupons as well as match all competitor pricing, two methods that do not always work online. Not to mention, puppies love a fun trip to PetSmart.


#15 Shop Monday -Thursday After 4pm

Avoid the crowds at PetSmart by shopping Monday through Thursday after 4pm. Generally, the PetSmart grooming salon is booked during weekday mornings and all day on weekends. Thus, it is better to book your pet’s grooming during a weeknight. On slow weeknights PetSmart will even offer grooming discounts, just make sure to inquire about any current deals with non-busy groomer.


#14 Shop Online at 6am EST

Shopping online at 6am Eastern will score you the largest selection of online sales.


#13 10% Off with a Raise or Granny Gift Card

Raise and Gift Card Granny both offer discounted PetSmart gift cards with an average savings of 10%. Just simply use this card in the same way you would cash upon check out.


#12 Return Petco Products at PetSmart

Petco purchases returned to PetSmart will receive store credit, even if you do not have a receipt. The only products that you must have a receipt to return include grooming tools, electronic merchandise, pet medication, vitamins, and filters or pumps.


#11 Upload all Receipts to Ibotta

Ibotta rewards consumers with cash back rebates on all qualifying items! Beggin Label dog strips often receive cash back bonuses.


#10 Utilize Choice Privileges Rewards

Choice Privileges Rewards grants enrolled consumers four points for every dollar they spend at PetSmart. These occurred rewards points can be used as cash towards partnering hotel stays.


#9 Pick Your Coupons Wisely

PetSmart is not afraid to ‘cut off’ customers who use ‘too many coupons’. While PetSmart does welcome the use of coupons, they will not give money back, even if your coupons exceed the value of your purchase. PetSmart exclusively reserves the right to limit the amount of coupons used per person at the cashier’s discretion. We recommend finding a regular cashier who never complains about coupon usage and trying to shop during their work hours every week.


#8 Purchase Pet Food at PetSmart

The top three items to purchase at PetSmart are pet food, poop bags, and litter. PetSmart is widely known for having the largest selection of pet food available. They host budget friendly options to fancy brands for animals with special dietary needs. Do not forget to price match or look at the stores current coupons to reap the best market price.


#7 Purchase Quality Pet Toys/Accessories

There is nothing worse than purchasing a super cheap pet accessories that won’t even last a full day. Instead, try scouting sales on high quality pet accessories that are built to last! We vote thumbs down on generic pet toys.


#6 Be Careful Following PetSmarts Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not the best place to score PetSmart deals. You have a better chance gaining access to exclusive deals by signing up for PetSmarts newsletter and receiving push notifications from the PetSmart App. However, the PetSmart Twitter is a great place to enter into contests and sweepstakes for PetSmart freebies.


#5 Get Sale Alert Texts

Make sure to text DEALS to 84848 to receive deal alerts and coupons straight to your text inbox. The PetSmart text club offers special deals and utilizing this method helps to declutter your email inbox as well.


#4 Military Members Receive Special Discounts

PetSmart offers military members 10% off grooming services every day!


#3 Join the Pets in the Classroom Organization

Teachers who partner with PetSmart’s Pets in the Classroom Organization can receive a small grant to fund a classroom pet. Once accepted, all PetSmart costs will either be partially or entirely reimbursed.


#2 Do Not Become a PetSmart Employee for the Discount

Understand that the PetSmart employee discount is only 15% and not worth getting hired just for the savings. PetSmart employees are also restricted from using coupons and gift cards in conjunction with their discount. Thus, 15% off is less than you would save with the nation wide coupons and pro tips. Instead, look for a career with PetSmart because you love animals


#1 Aim for 40% Savings Everytime you Shop with PetSmart

Saving 40% at every purchase with PetSmart is completely doable with all of their sales, coupons, and rebate offers. Stock up on PetSmart shampoos, treats, toys, and accessories when they are on sale and rely heavily for coupons when purchasing pet food and potty related products.


9 Charming California Towns

California is a beautiful state with beautiful nature and charming towns and cities. We set out to show you some lesser known treasures across the Golden State. You will definitely find something beautiful that you just haven’t been to, because after all, California is a lot more than just Hollywood glitz, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego skylines, and famous traffic jams.

California is the third largest state in the United States and is blessed with snowy mountain ranges, fertile river deltas, vineyards, sunny beaches, and long stretches of bone-dry desert. Small cities and little tows all across California might not have cobbled streets and southern charm, but they are beautiful in their own way, especially thanks to the surrounding nature.

Here is a list of 9 most beautiful places to visit, selected by travelers and famed photographers. Read on and find your next destination, complete historic main streets, Wild West spirit, and natural wonders all around.


Carlsbad is a coastal town in Southern California, famous for its endless coastline. Just like so many towns along the Pacific Coast Highway, Carlsbad is known for mild weather year round, surfing quality waves, long walks on the hard-packed beach, and relaxed vacations. What is different about this town is its chill, congenital mood. World-famous Carlsbad Triathlon takes place there, and the town is home to the first skate park in the state, built in 1976. Skateboarder Tony Hawk and snowboarder Shaun White are from here too.

The town center is full of quirky shops and restaurants. This is where locals mingle every week at the State Street Farmers Market in the Village. Pizza Port and many other restaurants offer craft beers and tasty things to go with it.


This little paradise was once run by Clint Eastwood, a Mayor and Hollywood star, and to this day is considered as one of the best beach towns in the U.S. Carmel and surrounding areas have thousands of picture opportunities of cliffs, angry sea waves, cypress lined coasts, sandy beaches, and resting elephant seals. Put your toes in the sand and breath the salty air – you will never want to leave.

18th century Carmel Mission Basilica still invites you for daily mass, and European-style village offers little boutiques, luxurious shopping opportunities, and gourmet food and wine. You can take an unforgettable stroll along stone-paved streets, lined with curvy-cued roof buildings or visit breath-taking Devendorf Park. The village is only one square mile wide, and yes, there are no lights at night and you have to have a permit to wear heels that are taller than 2 inches. Monterey and Big Sur are just a short drive away, perfect for a spectacular day trip.


This town borders Carlsbad and is also known for amazing beaches. The town is recognized as one of twenty best beaches in the country by NatGeo. The 1960s surf culture is very much alive here; complete with wood-sided surfer mobiles meetings at Moonlight Beach every September. San Diego Botanical Garden is located in Encinitas and is known as the “Flower Capital of the World”, where flora lovers can wonder through bamboo growths and let their children play at the largest interactive children’s garden in the world for hours.

California spirit is definitely here, on the white beaches, with crashing waves, and bluffs, in the quant sidewalk cafes, meditation gardens, and yoga studios.


Plenty if sunshine is good not just for the beach, but also for wine regions. And what could be better than Healdsburg, surrounded by Sonoma Valley and all it has to offer. The scenery is just as picturesque, as are the wines. Healdsburg started as a rural farming town, and even though it grew, the same feeling remains, so you can enjoy fresh air, great food, but no troves of tourists or extravagant lifestyles.

If you crave more than wine, head to a park for a picnic, check out Farm and Art Trails, kayak on the Russian River, or hike on the Ridge Trail. The town center offers plenty of antiquing opportunities and jazz evenings.


Idyllwild is located in the San Jacinto Mountains, about 100 miles away from Los Angeles. This small town is a great starting point for backpackers and mountain hikers. Mountains are all around, so if you don’t want to stay in the city, spend a night under the stars in a tent or a cabin – you will have nothing, but perfect silence and cedar-infused fresh air.

There is so much to do just outside of Idyllwild – rock climbing on Suicide Rock, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, and sightseeing. The town refreshes with unique local restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops.

Laguna Beach

Who doesn’t know at least something about Laguna Beach? You will find it right off Pacific Coast Highway, between Los Angeles and San Diego. The town is affluent and beautiful, and it has something for everyone on its 7-mile coastline. Every one of 20 coves have something special – some are deserted, others offer perfect surfing opportunities, while others yet have spectacular tide pools. All 20 are linked by dramatic cliffs for stunning views.

The main beach is in downtown, so all the shops, restaurants, and galleries are within reach when you need a break from the sun and water.

Tahoe City

This town is located on the shores of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The town is lively during winter when all the snow-lovers flock to the nearby famed Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, but it is plenty busy during the warm season too. The crystal clear lake is right here, so you can get out on a boat, kayak or paddle board and take in all the views. There are plenty of mountain trails and bike paths to tackle in the mountains or along the lake.

The downtown is perfect for strolling, shopping, and eating. This town has attracted many people from the big cities to switch to a mountain town life.

St. Helena

St. Helena has been named Napa Valley’s Main Street. This is home to the first Napa winery and that spirit continues today. The farm-to-table movement is very well established in this little town. Foodies come in search of new trends and satisfying tastes, and are never disappointed – local chefs tend to become celebrities and new students of Culinary Art Institute of America step into their shoes.

The town is not cheap, filled with pricy galleries and shops, but its local spirit is still alive and invites people to linger on. Writer Robert Luis Stevenson and his bride felt the same way and stayed here. You can learn about their amazing story in the museum.


Ever since 1911 this small Danish village in Santa Ynez Valley attracted visitors with its beauty and location. You can feel like you are in Europe here – half-timbered, thatch-roofed homes, windmills, and Hans Christian Andersen statue are all here. And then imagine the scent of freshly baked Danish pastries and coffee.

The town is surrounded by Santa Barbara wine country, so wine is plentiful here too. You can view the town from a horse-drawn trolley or on foot to walk out all those calories. The Old Mission Santa Ines is a close-by beautiful historical place, connecting the past with the future.




How to Save on Auto Insurance

 Car Insurance TipsYou can’t drive without insurance and you will be happy to have it if you will ever find yourself in an accident. That being said, you don’t need to spend any more money than you absolutely have to. If you know what affects your insurance rates, you will have easier time knowing what to do to be covered without going bankrupt.

Insurance Discounts

In order to attract new clients, every insurance company offers some kind of discounts and special deals. Make sure you don’t miss one and ask the agent about all that can apply to you.

Driving Record

If you have traffic tickets or accident records, you are likely to get higher quotes and rates. If you get a speeding ticket, consider going to a traffic school to get points off your record or to get it completely dismissed, if there is an opportunity for such school. Even if the ticket remains, the time in school can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in insurance costs.

Insurance Amount

If you think that your car does not have higher value than full coverage deductible would cost, consider reducing the coverage. It makes a lot more sense for older cars to not have collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision pays to repair damage to your vehicle if it crashes into another car, object, or flips. Comprehensive covers you if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged because of hitting an animal.

Drop the coverage if your deductible and yearly fees are higher than the value of the car. Collision and comprehensive almost never pay more than the car is worth, so calculate if it is financially sound to pay the full coverage.

You can save a lot of money by dropping the coverage if you continue to put the money aside. You might save enough to repair the car if damaged or the saved amount can make a nice down payment for a newer car once the old one stops working.

Drive an Inexpensive Car

If you are considering buying a new car, do some research about insurance rates for that type of vehicle before buying. The type of car really affects your rate, especially if you want to get collision and comprehensive. Safe, medium-priced vehicles, like minivans and small SUVs are a lot cheaper to insure than flashy luxury cars.

Higher Deductible

Increasing deductible might save a significant amount of money. Deductible is the amount of money you will pay out of pocket for repairs that is not covered by the insurance company. For example, if you have $500 deductible and your bill is $3,000, the insurer will pay $2,500.

If you want to pay less every month, consider increasing your deductible. This way you will pay more for repairs, but you might never need it, or if you do, you will have some money saved up. Raising the deductible from $500 to $1,000 might save you $200 each year.

Credit History

Your credit history plays a big role when calculating your rate. In some places it matters more than your driving record, except for California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, where credit is not allowed to be considered. To improve your credit you should:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Keep credit card balances below your credit limits
  • Apply for new credit cards only when really needed

Usage-Based Insurance

If you rarely drive, consider getting usage based-insurance. This program bases their rates on how much and how well you drive. A small device is installed in your car, which tracks your movement and reports all the data to the insurance company. You will get a discount for low mileage.

MetroMile and Esurance offer pay-per-mile insurance. MetroMile is available in California, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. Esurance is offered in Oregon. Many standard companies offer pay-per-mile programs.

Shop Around

Insurance prices vary widely among insurance companies, hundreds of dollars sometimes for the same coverage. Shop around every year to make sure you know what is available to you.

Let’s take a look at four insurers, but do your own comparisons before purchasing a policy.


Allstate offers plenty of discounts, over two dozen, to be exact. The discounts can be small, 5% off just for joining auto payments, or bigger, like 45% safe driver discount. Allstate offers Drivewise, a low-cost program for low mileage and the savings can go up to 30%.


Discounts range from vehicle equipment, driving history and record, customer loyalty and membership in one of 500 “affinity” groups, like organizations and employers. Military members can get up to 15% discount, while federal employees and retirees might be eligible for 8% off.

Carlsbad Flower Fields with Kids

San Diego County is home to Carlsbad Flower Fields and attracts great numbers of residents and visitors who come here to marvel at flowers every spring. The nature is at its best here – wonderful scent of flowers fills the air and photo opportunities are countless everywhere you look. Kids can enjoy thousands of blossoms all around them, navigate the maze made of blossoming sweet peas, and enjoy riding a tractor-pulled wagon through the sea of flowers. 50 acre farm of flowers contain every kind and color under the sun.

Let’s explore the activities available in the farm:

Walk around and learn the history of the garden

The Carlsbad Flower Fields were established in 1920s and started with ranunculus. The intention was to grow flowers for bouquets, but quite unexpectedly the blossoms started attracting crowds of spectators. Pretty soon the tourists were plentiful and people were flocking to marvel at flowers and take pictures. Edwin Frazee was the owner who understood the value of tourism to his fields and famously said that one penny for each picture taken here would make him rich. This idea was the seed of the current attraction which was opened to tourists in 1993, when Frazee formed a partnership with grower Mellano and Company and established the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch as we know it. They now get about 125,000 visitors every spring.

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