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Free Admissions to Museums

Saving on Museum Admissions

Museums are great places to get to know the country or the city you are visiting. You can learn a lot about history, culture, art, or nature and escape heat, cold, or rain. Museums can be pretty expensive, but most offer some type of programs or other ways to save money. Let’s take a look at 7 tips of how to visit museums without spending too much:

1. The Museums on Us Program
If you are Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card owner, you are invited to visit many museums free for the entire first weekend of the month. There are about 150 locations all over the country, including such gems as Museum of Fine Arts, Boston or National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma. The list changes every year, so make sure you check the museum you are planning to go to.

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Orange County Farmers Markets

Orange County is a great place to be if you want to buy local produce and visit interactive farmers markets. Residents and guests have a few options:
SoCo Farmers Market in Costa Mesa
It is open 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays

This market was started by tomato grower Mark Anderson in 2009. He was selling his produce at various local farmers markets and was not entirely happy with the way things were done. Most farmers markets were run just as events for fees and profits, with no attention to the needs of the farmers. Unsatisfied with the way business was done, M. Anderson decided to open his own farmers market.

His strategies were rewarding and now he runs 5 markets in Los Angeles and Orange County, including this one in SoCo.

What is so special about this farmers market, you might ask? It has live music every week, balloon artist for the youngest shoppers, and workshops for parents of babies on how to make organic baby food at home. You can by local veggies, artisan breads, hummus, canned goods, jams, and jellies at this event.

The main philosophy behind Anderson’s success is his insider knowledge of what it takes to run a successful farm and his unwavering support of small farmers. He believes that a quality customer service directly influences the quality of produce, so he always puts farmers first.

Anderson is a great believer in healthy lifestyle and runs a non-profit organization Sprouts of Promise, where families can learn about healthy eating habits.

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Lyon Air Museum

This compact museum is located right next to John Wayne airport in Santa Anna, Orange County. Such location is perfect for a family afternoon visit because kids can observe planes taking off and landing from the airport all the time, in addition to WWII aircraft in the museum.

The Lyon Air museum is not as big as some other air museums, but features a great collection of airplanes and motor vehicles in its hangars. The focus of the museum is to detail the most significant event of the 20th century – the World War II. Attention grabbing and thought inducing expositions capture visitors’ attention and showcase the role U.S played in the war and how our country continues to influence today’s world history.

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Irvine Regional Park & Irvine Park Railway Activities

Irvine Regional Park and Railway are great destinations for the whole family to come and spend an adventurous day in the great outdoors. There are so many activities here for all age groups!

Check out this list of things to do at the Irvine Regional Park:

Train Ride
It would be nearly impossible to find a toddler or an older child who wouldn’t love a good train ride. The train in this park is a 1/3 scale and well fitted for kids and adults. It takes families on a picturesque 12 minute ride through 477-acre park premises.
The train operates all week long and costs $5 per person.

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