Best Places to Fly a Kite in Southern California

Kite flying can give you wings that are easy to make and don’t cost much. California is a wonderful state for this activity as it stays windy by ocean for the majority of the year. Spring or fall – let’s head out the door and let our kites soar!

Kite flying is celebrated all over the world by old and young as it invites you for fun and offers some challenges to overcome. When heading out for a day of kiting always remember three C’s of kite flying – Caution, Courtesy, and Common Sense. If you choose to fly your kite in a park, beach or playground, mind other people and don’t send your winged beauties crashing nose down into their picnic tables or barbeques. Watch out for kids and trees with birds’ nests. Avoid roads not to distract drivers and electric wires. Choose a place with lots of space and enjoy.

April is a National Kite Month, so this time of the year you can enjoy this activity on your own or join events and festivals dedicated to kites. Otis Kite Festival in Santa Monica happens every year in April and attracts hundreds of observers, artists, and people like you who love this wholesome family fun. You can watch others or join in with your kite. There are quite a few other festivals that we will mention at the end.

California is gifted with not only great weather, but with wide stretches of beaches, so you can fly your kite without worrying about it getting stuck in somebody’s rain gutter or worse. There are plenty of parks all around Los Angeles area, so grab the string and come outside – we will show you where to go:



Ascot Hills Park (Los Angeles)

The park boasts 90 acres of rolling hills, grassy fields, and open stretches of shrubs, so you can definitely find a good spot for kiting. Not only that – wild flowers, city, and Hollywood Hills views offer a great background for the ultimate pictures. It’s no wonder why this park hosts annual kite festival.

Burton W. Chase Park (Marina del Ray)

Little green hills and trees (for your enjoyment when the kite is on the grass) are very inviting. Marina views and light breeze assure you will have a good time. Besides kiting, you can run around, have a picnic, and have a well-rounded day outdoors.

El Segundo Recreation Park (El Segundo)

Some of the best words to describe this park are – open, grassy, and spacious. All you need is a kite in hand and shoes on feet.

Fairview Park (Costa Mesa)

This park is highly rated by kite professionals, so it says something. You will definitely have plenty of space, views, flowers, and water features. Other than that the park is popular among model glider airplane flying enthusiasts. They have organized events in the central part of the park and are amazing to watch. Picnicking is popular in the park, so bring your own food or order something there.

Granada Park (Alhambra)

This park is huge and open, according to park visitors. Kite lovers don’t need to hear much more to like it.

Korean Bell of Friendship (San Pedro)

This is probably the most popular park for kite flying activities. It is complete with large grassy areas, open space, bluffs, perfect breeze, and stunning views of Catalina Island and LA Harbor. Before, after, or in the middle of flying you can visit the 17-ton, 12-foot high copper and tin bell, a gift from Republic of Korea people to honor the veterans of the Korean War and the friendship between our countries. The park is perfect for picnics as well.

Silver Lake Meadow (Los Angeles)

The park is not huge, but sometimes you don’t need huge. It borders the Silver Lake Reservoir and offers perfect kite flying conditions. Another bonus – no dogs allowed, so you know you will not step in any surprise. Constant breeze and open space will not disappoint you!

If you want to pick up this hobby, but don’t have a kite yet, don’t worry – these stores have more than enough great options:



Harbor Wind and Kite (Ventura)

They are all about the wind, fun, and freedom – something all of us can relate to, so head there, pick a great kite, go right outside to a nearby beach in Ventura Harbor, and enjoy that wind, fun, and freedom right away.

Kite Connection (on the Huntington Beach Pier)

Kite Connection has them all – single line, dual-, triple-, and even quad- line kites. The people who work there love what they do and will treat you with courtesy, friendliness, and knowledge. The store has an online shop as well.

Sunshine Kite Company (Redondo Beach)

The store is located on the pier and sells not just various kites, but yo-yos and diabolos as well. You can buy a kite and ask for tips how to fly it – you will definitely get a lesson from people who are passionate about what they sell. The store even hosts a kite festival in March.



Otis Kite Festival (North of Santa Monica Pier)

April 8th

Sky full of kites is what festival organizers are aiming for. Kite builders and aficionados fill that sky with kites big and small, elaborate and simple, stunning and inspiring. Some participants are from the nearby Otis College of Art and Design. You can also bring and fly your kite and join in the fun. If it’s not for you, then you can watch while sunbathing or braving the waves.

Kite Flying Festival (Ascot Hills Park)

Usually on Earth Day

You should bring your kite, a blanket, and picnic supplies for a day and join in on the high flying fun together with other kite lovers. Hills and fields fill up with colorful kites and their handlers having fun and competing for prizes. If it happens to rain – the festival is held the following weekend.

Japan America Kite Festival (Seal Beach)

3rd week of October

This festival is one of the largest in the area and is organized by Japan America Society of Southern California and the Up Up and Away Kite Club. Don’t miss this kite extravaganza, where you can observe kite teams, sport kite displays, and get chances to build your own kites. You will also be delighted by Taiko Drummers and wonderful displays by kite master Mr. Mikio Toki, which is definitely not to be missed!

Festival of the Kite (Redondo Beach Pier)

Early March

The festival has been happening here for more than 40 years and is open to everyone. Sunshine Kite Company is behind this spectacle that includes hand-made, sports, and stunt kites. There are prizes and there is food. In fact, if you get hungry watching the kites, you can participate in the Hot Dog on a Stick eating contest. Yummmm!

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