Carlsbad Flower Fields with Kids

San Diego County is home to Carlsbad Flower Fields and attracts great numbers of residents and visitors who come here to marvel at flowers every spring. The nature is at its best here – wonderful scent of flowers fills the air and photo opportunities are countless everywhere you look. Kids can enjoy thousands of blossoms all around them, navigate the maze made of blossoming sweet peas, and enjoy riding a tractor-pulled wagon through the sea of flowers. 50 acre farm of flowers contain every kind and color under the sun.

Let’s explore the activities available in the farm:

Walk around and learn the history of the garden

The Carlsbad Flower Fields were established in 1920s and started with ranunculus. The intention was to grow flowers for bouquets, but quite unexpectedly the blossoms started attracting crowds of spectators. Pretty soon the tourists were plentiful and people were flocking to marvel at flowers and take pictures. Edwin Frazee was the owner who understood the value of tourism to his fields and famously said that one penny for each picture taken here would make him rich. This idea was the seed of the current attraction which was opened to tourists in 1993, when Frazee formed a partnership with grower Mellano and Company and established the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch as we know it. They now get about 125,000 visitors every spring.

Enjoy flowers everywhere you go

There is probably every kind of flower hereto marvel at, but ranunculus is what started these gardens and what colors the rows with lush colors. Enjoy spectacular rows of them and don’t forget to take pictures. Stop and smell roses in the All-American Rose Selection Garden and Walk of Fame. This part of Ranch has about 150 varieties of tea roses and 80 kinds of miniature roses. Take your kids to see a greenhouse with traditional and unique kinds of poinsettias. There is a separate area dedicated to orchids – heaven to orchid enthusiasts. Don’t miss the Artist Garden where florists arrange unique flower displays along with bird cages and water features.

Scavenger hunt

Every entering child receives a stamp collector for scavenger hunt marks. There are stations set up in different parts of the farm to be visited and stamped. This activity encourages kids to pay attention and be vigilant while exploring. And what child doesn’t like a good challenge? At the end of the hunt kids get to search for stones – Carlsbad Mining Company’s set up activity.

Gem mining

Kids can indulge their love of treasure hunt and search for polished precious gems. The Carlsbad Mining company set up sluicing stations where the entire family can look for their own stones and then keep them. This activity will take you back in time when first California settlers were sifting through soil and water to find their riches.

Sweet Pea maze

Who says that mazes are only for fall festivities? Carlsbad Flower Fields offers them every spring. Kids and parents can enjoy getting lost in blossoming sweet pea maze and wander around smelling the sweet scent in the air. This maze has one entrance and one exit and can get quite challenging for little ones. The fun is sometimes not in finding, but in the process of seeking.

Take a tractor ride

The fields are huge and might be quite tiresome for little feet, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and strollers for tired travelers. The gardens offer tractor-pulled wagon rides for a small fee when the entire family needs a rest from walking. These tours are very informative and needless to say – beautiful.

Playground fun

Santa’s Playground is available for those of us who never seem to get tired or just need a small distraction from flowers. Spring is not the best part for meeting elf and reindeers, but kids will sure enjoy sliding down vintage mushrooms and climbing into tree houses. The giant mushrooms have been a part of Santa’s Village amusement park in Lake Arrowhead from 1955 to 1998. They then were beautifully restored and now proudly displayed in Carlsbad Flower Fields since 2008.

Special events

The gardens offer many special events through the year. Families are invited to enjoy Blue Grass Festival, Arts & Crafts Fair, and ever so popular Mother’s Day celebration. Carlsbad Flower Fields hosts a special day for kids, completed with face painting, animal balloons, and various clown activities once a year. Live music is often available on regular weekdays.

Finishing touches

Don’t leave the gardens without taking a little bit of nature with you. The Armstrong Garden Center sells different kinds of flower seeds and plants, garden tools, and teaching material. Let your kids nurture the gardener in them and plant something at home.


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