Lyon Air Museum

This compact museum is located right next to John Wayne airport in Santa Anna, Orange County. Such location is perfect for a family afternoon visit because kids can observe planes taking off and landing from the airport all the time, in addition to WWII aircraft in the museum.

The Lyon Air museum is not as big as some other air museums, but features a great collection of airplanes and motor vehicles in its hangars. The focus of the museum is to detail the most significant event of the 20th century – the World War II. Attention grabbing and thought inducing expositions capture visitors’ attention and showcase the role U.S played in the war and how our country continues to influence today’s world history.

The museum displays some of the world’s rarest military aircraft, vehicles, jeeps, and motorcycles and offers a great collection of memorabilia. Visitors can walk the grounds by themselves or join one of docent-led tours when they have groups of 10 or more. The tours are very informative and definitely worth your time, especially if you have any current or future history buffs in your family. The museum has many volunteers always ready to answer any questions you might have.

The Lyon Air museum‘s expositions are all indoors and keep visitors busy for a long time. According to multiple reviews, the facility is airy and clean, the staff is friendly and always ready to help.

In addition to visiting the expositions and marveling at vintage war machines, guests can get inside a few bombers, and even fly in some of them, but that last pleasure will cost a pretty penny. Most things in the museum are not allowed to be touched, and it totally makes sense because they have been meticulously restored and maintained.

The museum periodically organizes special expositions, so make sure you check what’s coming and when before going for a visit.

One of the most fascinating items in the museum is a car that Hitler was driven around in. Definitely see it if you want to experience the eerie feeling. The events that happened so long ago are really close in this museum. Humanity should never forget, so that history’s lessons can be learned well and fatal mistakes never repeated again.

The museum is open 10 am to 4 pm every day.
Admission price for adults is $12
Kids between 5-17 years of age – $5
5 years old and younger visit free
Parking is free


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