Best Hockey Classes in Southern California

Dreaming about playing some hockey on a frozen pond? That is not happening in California until the next Ice Age, but there are places around this great city where you can do just that – play some hockey. LA area is known to supply the U.S. with some of the greatest figure skaters and ice hockey players in the country all thanks to our state-of-the-art skating rinks. Here is a list of some great places to get on the ice and train for the next Olympics:

Toyota Sports Center (El Segundo)

This central facility houses 3 rinks under one roof – one Olympic size, one NHL-size, and one for general training. This center is home to Los Angeles Kings and the place to be for all ice-related sports and dreams. Local kids can participate in free Kids First program to get familiar with ice and decide if future ice sports are in the cards. Pre-registration is required for this program.

There are many programs, classes, leagues, and camps for kids and adults. Birthday celebrations are, of course, encouraged. Some other amenities include hockey shop, a nice café, and a bar with views to two rinks.

The Skating Edge (Harbor City)

This skating rink is between Harbor City and Torrance and is home to The Bay Harbor Red Wings youth hockey club. Beginners can take hockey classes there in addition to stick time, clinic, private lessons, scrimmage, and broomball. Parents can enjoy free Wi-Fi or browse in Vic’s Pro Shop. The so called café is just a counter with a coffee machine and a microwave, but your child can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate – the best treat after the ice.

Lakewood Ice – The Rinks (Lakewood)

The rink is more like a rink complex devoted to hockey. Kids and youth can join various classes based on their skating skills, from beginners to semi-professional. Anaheim Ducks are classes for beginners with Learn to Play Hockey program. Homeschooled kids have their own Hockey Initiation course to learn and to make connections. Hockey camps are available for all who dream about AAA teams or just want to spend some time on the ice. Lady Ducks are geared towards girls who prefer to train without boys.

Paramount Iceland (Paramount)

This rink is part of Paramount history and has been owned by Zamboni family for generations. Hockey here is not professional, but includes the beginners program as well as twice a week meets of a club for kids ages 14 and younger. Don’t miss the original Zamboni model in the corner, because, yes, it’s that Zamboni family’s rink.

Iceland Ice Skating Center (Van Nuys)

This facility is rather small and cozy, so you have to know where it is if you want to find it. And find it you should because your family can enjoy ice bumper cars on the weekends and who would want to miss that? Kids’ hockey clinics are quite affordable in this Iceland. Adults can sign up for stick time, pick-up hockey options, and even broomball.

Pickwick Ice (Burbank)

The facility belongs to Pickwick Gardens Complex and offers a great rink complete with top quality coaching. California Golden Bears Youth hockey club is at home here. Various classes range from basics to power play. Adults and youth have many options for leagues and classes, including scrimmage, private lessons, clinics, and pick-up time. On-site pro shop is stocked with necessities for figure skaters and hockey players. The café serves usual ice rink/bowling alley goods for waiting parents and resting kids.

LA Kings Valley Ice Center (Panorama City)

It used to be called Ice-o-plex and serves as another LA Kings training facility. There are two different rinks there and a great spirit in both. Kids can try their hand and leg in hockey with the Kids First program for $15 per session with all the equipment included. Youth hockey league has meets every week January to April for kids between 6-14 years of age. Summer hockey camps are also available. Adults can sign up for hockey leagues. There is a café on the premises, but it’s nothing more than a hole in the wall. Pro Shop is great for all hockey needs.

Pasadena Ice Skating Center (Pasadena)

This center is home to Pasadena Maple Leafs youth hockey club and offers classes for all levels. Beginners are welcome and so are highly skilled adults. Ice sports enthusiasts can also participate in pick-up hockey, stick time, summer clinics, and even broomball.

Iceoplex (Simi Valley)

California Dreamin’ Hockey School is located here and features two ice surfaces, one of them being Olympic size. You will also find hockey changing rooms with showers and a well-stocked pro shop. Coaches are former professionals, so both kids and adults can really benefit from their experience. Adult and kids leagues are offered in the rink and so are broomball and pick-up hockey.


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