How to Get Magazines for Free. Your Guide to Free Magazine Subscriptions.

Interested in receiving free magazine subscriptions in your mailbox every month and didn’t think it was possible? Magazine subscriptions may be expensive, however, they do not have to be as there are a couple methods that will reap you no cost subscriptions. Several companies hand out free magazine subscriptions but, there are a few things you need to know about the signup process prior to enrollment.


#1 Trading Information

Several companies offer free magazine subscriptions in exchange for personal information, opinions, and/or survey completion. This method is the most popular way to score a free magazine subscription. The four companies mentioned below each work a little differently. Thus, make sure to always read the fine print prior to signing up.

  • Mercury Magazines

It is extremely easy to earn a free magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines. All one needs to do is follow their simple set of instructions that immediately pops up when visiting the site. Mercury Magazines currently offers magazine subscriptions to Marie Claire, Redbook, Town & Country, Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Veranda, and Car & Driver etc.

Step 1: Give Mercury Magazines a small amount of personal information in order for them to determine which publications will be right for them to offer you.

Step 2: Select three magazines you would like from the offered publications.

Step 3: Complete a subscription form for each magazine you have chosen.

Once you have finished filling out each subscription form you will be asked to fill out a series of survey like questions. You will have to answer these questions in order to qualify for the free magazine subscriptions and be directed to the final page. You will also need to verify your address so that the magazines may be sent by mail to your home. During the survey you may witness additional pop ups to buy or sign up for other products/services. Understand that you are under no obligation to participate in these additional offers to receive your free subscriptions. Be careful not to unintentionally sign up for any of these extras! Do not give out your credit card information to any of the additional screeners. Plus, you will not need to give your credit card information to Mercury Magazines as it is not needed to receive your free subscriptions! Free means free.

  • Rewards Gold

Rewards Gold is a survey site that rewards its participants on a point based system. Members earn points from every survey they complete. Points are also awarded for registering with partners, referring friends, and purchasing products or services from affiliate companies. There are several different rewards that can be earned with your points and one of them happens to be a free magazine subscription. Rewards Gold currently offers publications from Variety, People, Essence, Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, and Golf Week. Be aware that the points you earn will expire one year from the month in which they were enarned. So just be sure to pick your rewards quickly!

  • ValueMags

ValueMags offers free magazine subscriptions as well as purchasable ones. In order to receive a free magazine subscription from Valuemags you will need to take advantage of a sign up offer, like becoming a member of an affiliate survey company. Keep in mind that ValueMags will never ask you for any money, so do not ever, under any circumstances, give out your credit card number. ValueMags’ partners pay for the magazine subscriptions provided as a part of their partnership agreement which means you will never have to pay any money. Currently, ValueMags offers Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Bridal Guide, Marie Claire, and Bridal Guide free of cost!

  • Freebizmag

Freebizmag is recognized for offering free magazine subscriptions to several businesses. Utilizing their services is a great way to brush up on publications regarding your industry or niche of business. However, in order to receive free subscriptions from Freebizmag you will need to meet a few qualifications determined by the publisher of each magazine. Presently, Freebizmag is offering the following publications: Health Management Technology, Non-Profit Pro, Human Resource Executive, Beverage Industry, and many more. In addition to free magazine subscriptions, this site offers free eBooks and user guides. Become a free member of Freebizmag and receive monthly offers including giveaways, sweepstakes, and special deals straight to your email’s inbox.


#2 Direct Contact

Directly contacting magazine companies for a free trial subscription is not out of the question. Several companies are happy to hand out subscriptions as a way of getting customers to try on their reading content in hopes you will become hooked. Other companies, quite frankly, give out magazine subscriptions for goods and services promotion. Below you will find two companies who offer free magazine subscriptions.

  • Buffalo Brides

Buffalo Brides, despite the name, is a great resource for everything and anything regarding weddings. Their site is full of information concerning wedding planning, vendor hiring, and announcement publication. Plus, just for signing up to their site they will offer you a free magazine subscription as well as a free wedding planner. You will have to provide a little info about yourself and your upcoming date in order to receive the freebies but it is well worth it.

  • Parenting Magazine Websites

It is fairly common for baby and parenting magazines to give away free subscriptions to expectanting parents. Keep in mind that the timing of these offers differ and you will have to check back with the individual magazine sites to find out when their current or next give away will take place. The following baby and parent magazines have been known to offer free subscriptions: American Baby, Pregnancy Magazine, Parents Magazine, and Family Fun Mag. Not to mention, certain baby registries will include a free magazine subscription to either baby, parenting, or pregnancy magazine as a welcome gift upon sign up. Make sure to check each registry individually to find out more details.


#3 Freebie Websites

Freebie websites are an invaluable source of discovering free offers like magazine subscriptions and much more. Below you will find a few popular freebie sites to check out where you can score a free magazine subscription among other goodies.

  • Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is a revolving door for giveaways including free magazine subscriptions, beauty products, kids toys, pet toys and health items. They also frequently hold contests and sweepstakes! This freebie website is pretty well known, plus they update their site daily.

  • Free Stuff

Free Stuff is a great site for directing you to free magazine subscriptions! Plus, they offer hundreds of links to other free goodies like ebooks, gift cards, and food samples. Similar to Free Stuff Times, the Free Stuff website also hosts sweepstake opportunities.

  • Go Freebies

Go Freebies left sidebar is filled to the brim with the sites current free offerings! Not only does Go Freebies giveaway free magazine subscriptions, they also supply free kids supplies, beauty products, food recipes, and pet goodies. Make sure to sign up for their free daily newsletter! The newsletter grants you access to early notice of coming freebies and automatically enters you to win an Amazon gift card.

  • Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff is a very well organized freebie site offering free magazine subscriptions among other goodies along the sites left sidebar. You will find dozens of categories worth of free goodies plus monthly contests. Sign up to their mailing list to receive notice of the next monthly contest and giveaway items. Just Free Stuff is one of the only freebie websites that hands out premium household items!

  • Mr.Free Stuff

Mr.Free Stuff hosts several freebie categories but conveniently has one section solely dedicated to magazines and books. Mr.Free Stuff additionally shares opportunities to enter contests and sweepstakes across several other platforms. Mr.Free Stuff will also give you extra, free goodies during your birthday month!

  • I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is a website offering free magazines along the dropdown sidebar on their home page. All you need to do is click the menu icon located on the top navigation bar and wolah, you will be shown tons of freebie opportunities. Utilize their search bar to head straight to their current subscription offers.

  • Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff offers its visitors free information on how to score no-cost magazine subscriptions. This site is organized extremely well making it super easy to find their present freebie offerings. Sweet Free Stuff shares information on how to receive free publications, health & beauty products, baby items, pet goods, gift cards, and much more.

  • I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies is a well organized site with a category solely dedicated to free magazine subscriptions. In addition to free magazine subscriptions, I Crave Freebies also gives away free clothing, free DVDs, free gift cards, free movie tickets, and much, much more. I Crave Freebies is a great place to five hundreds of free offers on everything home, entertainment, and family based.

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