Pottery Classes for Kids in Orange County

If your child has been born in the last decade, he or she definitely has a vivid imagination and can work with their hands, thanks to all the small electronics. If you want to channel that inner creative genius and talent, pull your child away from the smart phone or tablet, and bring him to one of creative classes that Orange County has to offer. Take a look at our list and find a private pottery studio, instructional painting party, or ceramics classes close to home.

Muddy’s Studio in Santa Ana

The studio specializes in creative ceramics. Your child will not only have fun, but will also learn some fundamental basics about the creative process. He or she will learn design, throwing, shaping and glazing secrets and techniques. All the teachers are talented artists and invest their time shaping the young generation of artists.

The studio offers Thursday and Friday after school classes and Saturday sessions. The classes are wonderful and very popular, so call or log in online to preregister in advance. You can always stop for a look at this 5,400-square-foot facility to meet the teachers and learn more about what they do.

The Ceramics Studio in San Juan Capistrano 

The studio invites you to come and play with clay. The classes feel more like a playtime, and kids love that. You and your kids will work together and create one of a-kind masterpieces by throwing, sculpting, and painting. Families with toddlers are also welcome as the studio has some activities designed specifically for the smallest hands. The teacher reads popular stories for the class and then works with you to recreate popular characters. At the end you get to glaze your own creation and take it home with you.

Color Me Mine in Brea

Visitors can select one of about 400 different ceramics items and create their own version of it. The choices are very wide, from plates, picture frames, and piggy banks to cookie jars. Once you pick the item, you will be given supplies to color it the way you want it. You can choose to work with friends or on your own.

The classes are tailored to your or your little one’s needs. You can paint a unique masterpiece or just put some dots, do whatever you like. The classes range from very simple to complicated projects, so the choice is yours.

Hidden Talents Ceramic Studio in Huntington Beach

All ages are welcome to this studio. You can come in with a party or stop by yourself – everything works. All you need to do is come in; leave the rest to the Hidden Talents. They will provide all the needed materials, paints, firing, advice, and studio time.

Are you are an educator and would like to host a ceramics making party in your classroom? Home? Park? No worries, Hidden Talent will travel to you and bring everything that’s needed to your location. Ceramics camps are available all summer, but sign up in advance, because they fill up pretty quickly.

The staff is available to answer any questions and can help you host a private party or a fundraiser.

Irvine Fine Arts Center 

If your child shows interest in art, consider bringing him here. He will not only learn how to glaze the pot and understand the artistic process, but will also learn a bit about himself. The Center is staffed with professionals who understand the importance of art and creativity for the young minds. Children of all ages are welcome to a great variety of studio class media.

Young children, school aged artists, teenagers and the entire family will enjoy not just coloring a few vases, but will get a sense of community that exists in this wholly creative environment.


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