Free Stuff for Teachers

Free Stuff for Teachers Dairy Council’s Tools for Schools offers nutritional exploration to help teachers with activities, provides forum for idea exchange, and more in Journey into Nutrition Education. This catalog is full of classroom videos, handouts, and more. You can’t order online, but can request print copies of catalog from the Council.

USA Pears can provide school food service and answer questions about the way fruit grow, ripen, and get into your homes. Teachers can get pear Educator Kit by writing to the company. The website has Just for Kids area where you can find activities, stories, and recipes for young kids.

Federal Reserve Comics can answer any and all questions about money. Coins, inflation, savings are useful to know things in life, and it’s never too early to talk about it in light and fun way. Up to 35 free copies can be ordered online.

George Washington: A National Treasure has teacher’s guides, a poster, and supplemental material for lessons about the man.

If you are ready to teach kids about tolerance, subscribe to a newsletter and get kits about musical activism, Rosa Parks, peaceful classrooms, civil rights, intolerance, and injustice from

You can order free markers that can write on top of each other from Crayola OverWriters.

Cartoon Network offers Animate Your World: Shaping Character program to help teachers incorporate character based teaching. It encourages students to respect self, respect others, and be responsible for the community. The guide and CD have lesson plans, rubrics, and teaching masters.

Other Sources and Materials:

  • Ocean Surface Topography from Space (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • The Chocolate Dream Machine.
  • Service Band CD’s for free recording of school band’s music.
  • for food safety and environment.
  • Natural Gas Free Materials about energy.
  • Women are Scientists about women in biomedical fields.
  • Earth/Mars Comparison Poster from NASA.
  • National Wildlife Week Poster from the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Science Education Posters from the Wright Center.

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